Top 5 Feng Shui Fashion Tips For Single Dating

Feng shui is very powerful tool for optimizing your chances for a hook-up. There are some very specific rules for attracting the a hot date using the right colors to support your personal kua.To use feng shui to your advantage, you’ll need to know what your own personal kua or energy resonance is.

There are nine kuas or energy resonances. Once you have figured your own kua, the rules will help you choose the things to wear on your date. Knowing what to wear on a date can make your date a success. What you wear can also diminish the chances of a hook-up, so be careful. The formula for your personal kua is not hard to find. Any good feng shui tactics book will be able to clue you in.

Keep in mind that when you go out on a date, it is very important that you choose colors that enhance your personal kua. Wearing torn, ripped or fade cloths attracts the negative energy of distress, even though it maybe the style, don’t wear it.

Getting the right hook-up is what feng shui fashion is all about. Imagine hooking up with someone who you have an instant connection to. Imagine the sex? I’m sure you can.

Supporting your personal kua by wearing colors that support it creates an attraction to positive energy and positive outcomes. Remember, like energy attract like energy. Even Einstein figured that out!

Just because a color is your favorite, doesn’t mean that it is a color that supports your energy resonance. It might be your favorite color, but know what your kua is before you wear it. You might be surprised, your favorite color might be working against you attracting the kind of hook-ups you know you could do without.

The top five feng shui fashion tips for single dating are:

  • One – you should always dress for the occasion and setting where your date is going to take place.
  • Two – always pick colors that enhance your personal kua
  • Three – be bold with your color combination.
  • Four – the fashion should make a statement about who you are and be contemporary
  • Five – be confident in the style and color of the clothes you wear